Pediatric Dentistry is an age-related specialty. Treatments often encompass many techniques used in general practice. However, in pediatric dentistry they are geared to children.

Dr. Weinberger and his staff are specially trained to help make your child’s visit to the dentist as positive as possible. We understand that children are often afraid of the dentist and all of us strice to help them overcome their fears.

Our clinic is specially designed to meet the needs of children. We have televisions (distractions) for the children to watch during their visits and we invite the children to bring their favourite movie with them to play during their appointment.

Our dental “chairs” are different. They are flat benches that are specially designed for children. Because they don’t move up and down, they help to make the children feel secure.

We have adapted the “open concept” theme in our office. This helps create a feeling of security for children, as they are not alone.

Our waiting area has a playroom to visit and make new friends and also a fish tank for those who would rather sit quietly.

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Your Family Pediatric and Orthodontic Practice

We extend a warm welcome. We are the only office in South Western Ontario that can offer your children both specialties by one Doctor.